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Bringing the Music of
Abba to a New Generation!

ABBA is back, live on stage in the form of 21st Century Abba; the live ABBA Tribute Band that plays all the best songs from your favourite Super Swedes. 21st Century Abba will have you up dancing and cheering for more and of course, leaving as Dancing Queens! Get ready for the flashback of a lifetime!

A Powerful
and Moving Live Show

Get ready for electrifying live performances from the ABBA Tribute Band that brings the music of ABBA to youngsters and adults alike! If you love singing your favourite ABBA songs like Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen, and want to relive the energetic stage performances of this phenomenal band, come and watch us perform those fabulous hit tunes one after another.   You would be forgiven for thinking that it really is ABBA, back on stage again!

21st Century ABBA Tribute Band plays all the songs that take you back to the joy and elation of the rocking 70s and early 80s, disco’s golden era! It’s Déjà vu. With an award-winning Tribute band, we have won the hearts of millions of ABBA fans all over the UK, US, and Europe.

Watch us perform, and fly back to the time when ABBA ruled the pop music world!  We play unforgettable ABBA songs all night to enchant those who appreciate the intricacy of those harmonies, the rocking guitar solos and the breathtaking piano parts.  And let’s not forget, we look quite like the fab four too!

We’re all about the music, we’re all about the experience, we’re all about the costumes and we’re all about serious nostalgia. Most of all, we’re about having a good time and helping our audience do the same!

We perform every song live on stage, so come on! Join us, and let’s really Thank Abba for The Music by doing it one more time!